Teaching Staff

 Libby Clift

Counsellor:  Narelle Christiansen

Library / Teacher:  Michelle Coventry

Japanese:  Lisa Peck

Music/Drama:  Charlotte Holmes

NIT:  Lisa Peck / Jeanie Green / Charlotte Holmes

Yr Rec:  Cheryl Pettigrew

Yr Rec/1:  Samantha Moore

Yr 2/3:  Lesley Payne

Yr 3/4:  Taylor Cork

Yr 5/6:  Tamara Carter

Yr 6/7:  Nikki Priestman

Teacher:  Jeanie Green

SSO's and Administration

Sharon Hunt:
 Finance/Front Office Administration

Mandy Kennett:  ACEO / Class Support

Rosie Zilys:  SSO / Library / Office Support

Katrina Jones:  SSO / Class Support

Linda McKaye:  SSO / Class Support

Jackie Payne:  SSO / Class Support

Leigh Antonello:  SSO / Office / Class Support

Mary Ackers:  SSO / Class Support / Pastoral Care Worker

Trudy McConville: SSO / Playgroup

Peter Lucatoni:  Grounds person

EdComTec:  IT Support


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