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School Information

2022-2024 Site Plan Summary (pdf 635kb)

2022 School Context Statement (pdf 530kb)

External School Review Report 2022 (pdf 3.98mb)

 Annual Report 2023 (pdf 997kb)

Policies and Procedures

 Anti-Bullying Policy (pdf 695kb)

School Dress Code (pdf 345kb)

  Behaviour Education Policy (pdf 650kb)

  Bushfire and Your Child's School Brochure (pdf 650kb) - We are an R2 site

 Enrolment Procedure (pdf 535kb)

 Emergency Management Plan (pdf 742kb)

 Feedback and Complaints Procedure  (pdf 335kb)

  Homework Policy (pdf 520kb)

 Library Resource Centre Borrowing Policy and Procedure  (pdf 530kb)

 Mobile Phone and Digital Device Policy (pdf 535kb)

Student Plan Templates

Anaphylaxis Plan (pdf 270kb)

Allergy Plan (pdf 240kb)

Asthma Plan (pdf 80kb)

Medication Agreement (DOC 132kb)

Multiple Medications Agreement (DOC 142kb)

More information about student medication can be found on the Department for Education website.